Greetings and welcome to the Circuit Conference website:

It is an incredible honor and a privilege to serve you as the 2022-2024 Chair of the Florida Conference of Circuit Court Judges.

The purpose of the Conference is to assist circuit judges in more effectively and efficiently meeting their constitutional and statutory duties and responsibilities. Together, we are committed to carry out the duties and responsibilities bestowed upon the Conference.
The past two years have been challenging. Our judiciary & staff adapted to new operational procedures to keep the court system open. We have successfully met that test and embraced new technological strategies to maintain our efficiency. We should all be very proud of the accomplishments made to this point.

Our judges have continued to meet the unique challenges of the court system and have excelled despite the global pandemic. The challenges on the horizon cannot be addressed successfully by a single judge. It will take the support, determination, and teamwork of those involved in the judicial system to continue to deliver prompt and fair access to justice.
We want the public to have the utmost confidence in our court system and are committed to providing our constituents with information and access to the courts in an innovative and efficient manner.
Please take some time to explore our website. It contains useful information for judges and the public alike. New content is being developed to provide additional resource material. Kindly use the contact page to forward suggested improvements to our site.


Hon. Nicholas Thompson, Conference Chair
20th Judicial Circuit

florida conference of circuit judges


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